Advertising benefits for You

Gold Sponsorship would be acknowledged on all posters, radio and newspaper adverts, interviews, brochures and in the programme. We will also set aside some seats at the premiere or any chosen night for the sponsors and their corporate guests. Part of that premiere would include a wine reception. Enigma Theatre also organises Q&A with the director, actors and a counsellor on a different night of the show during the production week.

All sponsors will receive some or all of the following recognition (reflecting their level of sponsorship):

  1. Lobby recognition (sponsors’promotional materials and/or roll-ups in the foyer).
  2. Seats at the premiere or a chosen night.
  3. Social Media recognition.
  4. Website recognition.
  5. Program recognition.
  6. Recognition before/after live online streaming to audiences around the world.
  7. By investing in creative entrepreneurs you are creating positive image of your organization in the Irish community. It indicates that your organisation is interested in engaging closely with the community in which it operates.
  8. You will have the rare opportunity to associate your brand with The New Theatre, a 66 seat theatre based in Dublin’s old Temple bar area.
  9. The New Theatre supports new writing and the development of emerging and established writers. By supporting Enigma Theatre you will also support new writing and emerging artists based in Ireland with a strong, original voice, and a play with contemporary theme.

Education and Outreach

As a theatre company, besides looking to interest the “ordinary theatre-goer”, we make a point of attracting third-level students and senior-level school students. So, we will provide an “education pack” about the production and encourage participation in Q&A among student audiences. We will provide block-booking discounts for school and college student audiences, and discounts for the unwaged and senior citizens. (€14 ticket for bookings more than 8). It is to touch next generation who both most need and are most receptive to new and challenging ideas… As a supporter of Enigma Theatre’s Good Love you will receive media coverage, promotional materials display and many other ways of promoting supporters’ brands will ensure suitable acknowledgement to supporters based on sponsorship options. We offer two types of support opportunities, which allow you to pick what best suits your company’s marketing strategy.

Once you decide on a sponsorship package, we will work to ensure that you receive true value from your investment. Business sponsorship is a major source of funding for many events as more and more companies have discovered this to be a powerful marketing tool.