Supporting Producer. Artur Banaszkieiwcz is a connector, business consultant and project manager. In Enigma he is partly responsible for finance and logistics, and advising on strategy and promotion. Artur sits on the Board of Directors of Centre For Creative Practices – a creative art space and training centre for new, experimental and migrant artists in Dublin, he took part in charity radio production Glitters.

He actively supports Polish community in Ireland, coordinated Vote! You are at home campaign and since 2011 has sat on the board of Polish Teachers Association.

He has worked with the Polish Embassy in Dublin, currently as International Trade Adviser, founded and managed (2010-2013) an Irish branch of the largest Polish private university where he also taught economy-related subjects. He is a graduate of Abertay University Dundee (Scotland) and Poznan University of Economics (Poland) where he studied trade, business and entrepreneurship.

His interests are: entrepreneurship, interpersonal communication and cognition.