Founder, Writer and Creative Director of Enigma Theatre.

Karolina Szemerda: MA in Arts, Directing for Theatre, University College Dublin; BA (Hons) Film, Literature and Drama, DBS, Dublin. Karolina is Polish and brought “The Madman and the Nun” to the attention of Serina Griffin as a potential project as there is a significant lack of Polish plays staged in Ireland.

Karolina wrote a new adaptation of an avant-garde Polish play “The Madman and The Nun” by Witkacy which explores its themes in a way which is relevant to contemporary society. The play was staged and co-directed with Serina Griffin in June 2014 in Smock Alley Theatre, one of the most innovative theatres in Dublin. The Madman and the Nun explores the links and departures between the play’s world of Poland in the 19th century and Ireland in the 21st century.

Karolina has also previously worked with the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin on numerous productions. She desires to create professional theatre that continually provides new levels of artistic excellence and produces new multicultural plays and alternative drama in Dublin. Karolina is particularly interested in exploring the issues of migrant identity and the sense of belonging as she feels these matters must be addressed in modern 21st century multicultural Ireland.